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Best Vue UI Component Libraries in 2022


When it comes to popular front-end development frameworks, there is no doubt that Vue.js will be at the top of the conversation, because Vue library is a very popular JavaScript library that can be used to build dynamic front-end applications. Vue was introduced in 2014, and after that Vue has continued to gain momentum year over year, ever since its release, and it captured the hearts of many programmers thanks to its flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use. The Vue.js framework is one of the most common front-end JavaScript frameworks that can break down a website page into various elements. Evan You, the creator of Vue, envisioned creating the best framework by combining the best features of existing frameworks such as Angular and React. And this idea has worked perfectly, bringing Vue a lot of glory over the past few years.

Vue began to surpass React in total stars on GitHub at some point in 2018, and because of that, the strongest competitor of Angular and React becomes Vue. Vue js has gained more than 28.7K stars on GitHub and has become the utmost favorite structure different from others. The popularity of Vue can be attributed to the ease with which developers are able to create web components using the Vue framework. More community members are creating various packages to simplify various aspects of the development process and more businesses prefer to choose the Vue.js development company for their future endeavors.

This post has been written to offer some insight into the fastest-growing front-end development framework Vue.Js, as well as Best Vue UI Component Libraries over the past year, how they might be used, as well as how they might be leveraged.

What is a Vue UI Component Library?

A component library refers to a set of elements or group of elements that creates an application successfully. This can be done by using HTML elements or any other components. However, does this imply that components are dependent upon any framework? Not necessarily. Your logic must be capable of changing its style or acting indifferently at any moment. Interactions and team collaborations become a lot easier when UI components libraries are built using React or Vue. Vue UI components can only be used in Vue applications.

Ultimately, you will receive HTML, CSS, and Javascript as outputs. When it comes to component libraries, you should avoid picturing a large, multidisciplinary project involving a large no. of developers and designers. The primary objective of the Vue CLI (Component Library) is to create guidelines and standards. However, do you believe that the component library is proportional to the application’s size? A Vue CLI is a collection of JavaScript components that can be reused. You’ll find the best Vue UI component libraries here that allow you to simply adjust the theme and preview it in real-time.

Whether it’s a folder containing components that are shared across the application. There are now two options: usage as a distributed package on npm or as a critical component of a larger design system. However, a component library can be modest or vast. A component library’s true definition is that it is always changing depending on the requirements of your project. You can design a component entirely on your own or with the assistance of a third party. Fortunately, you’ll find an excess public component library for your Vue applications there.

How to Choose an Optimal Vue UI Library?

The purpose of this section is to provide guidelines for selecting the most appropriate Vue UI Component library. Before choosing the best one, first, consider the following questions:

  • Is it really necessary to have a UI library?
  • When it comes to developing a mobile version of your website or application, how do you plan to go about it? Are you comfortable working with a library that does not have complete support or a large community behind it?
  • Are there any aspects of your endeavour that are absolutely necessary for it to be successful?
  • How important is search engine optimization to the success of your project, and do you intend to use server-side rendering?

Best Vue UI Component Library

Let’s take a look at some Best Vue UI Component Library that have been instrumental in the development of Vue-based user interfaces.

1. Vue Material Kit

Vue Material Kit is a Vue UI Component Library where each component has been accurately crafted, and the kit also includes two custom plugins and three sample pages. When developing new websites or web applications, the Vue Material Kit can help you save time and money by accelerating the design and development process.

JavaScript, Vue.js, and the Vue Router are all required for this application. It’s intuitive, relatively simple to understand, and aesthetically pleasing. The Vue Material Kit contains all of the components required for a dashboard, as well as Vue plugins that have been carefully chosen and optimized for performance. Everything is in sync with one another. Several modifications have been made to this product, which is accessible through the Creative Tim website.


2. Vux

This UI toolkit provides WeUI and Vue-based Mobile UI Components for use in mobile applications. Additionally, Vux provides a workflow that consists of the Vue-Loader + WebPack + Vux components. This China-based Vue UI Component Library was created specifically for the purpose of administering the WeChat application. Vux, which is typically used for mobile application development, incorporates a number of components from the WeUI into its structure. There are only a few places where English translations of the documentation can be found, even though the vast majority of it is in Chinese.

VUX developers struggle to address library issues on a consistent basis due to a lack of management support. The community center, on the other hand, takes an active role in resolving developer-related issues. The ability to install components based on specific requirements eliminates the need to install the entire component package at the same time.


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