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Future of eCommerce in 2019 and beyond

Shivani Raina
Technical writer and blogger
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High growth business needs to keep a track of do’s and don’ts of customers preferences. The business owner needs to watch the latest trends and research on how to increase the reach of his store and uplift the revenue for their store.
Wondering what the future has for your eCommerce website? Are you curious to know about the latest trends deciding the success of your online store?

Future of eCommerce in 2019 and beyond

Key Points likely to shape the future of eCommerce are:

• Personalized experience
• Multiple shipping Channels
• Customer Service Automation
• Cryptocurrency
• Mobile commerce
• Drone delivery system
• Product Videos
• Pop Up Shops

How personalized experience can play an important role in the growth of eCommerce?

Customers usually hate being shown irrelevant content and like to spend more when their experience is personalized. Personalization in eCommerce will eventually boost the profit of the store. Consumers usually prefer and switch companies that personalize their experience over poor personalization companies.

What is the need for Multiple Shipping channels?

Multiple shipping channels in the eCommerce store are of high importance coming years. Customers prefer to shop from those stores that offer them the choice to choose the shipping method. Some customers prefer to pay shipping charges but want to have next day delivery. Some of the customers like to go with the standard delivery methods. This flexibility in the shipping methods removes the obstacles at the time of checkout.

Importance of Customer Service Automation

In-near future customer interactions will be handled without the human agent. The only difference between a good customer service experiences and bad customer service interaction is that the former can lead to more purchase while the later creates doubt in customer about the purchase. Artificial intelligence and virtual assistants will be able to handle most of the customer queries and provide quick and accurate support.

Introduction of new payment Method

In order to provide more convenience to the customers, various cryptocurrencies can be introduced. There is a very likelihood that Bitcoin will become a popular payment method in the coming years. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies carry very low transaction rates which will boost the new customers for the store. APM will replace the credit cards and will be one of the popular methods.

Mobile commerce is the future

In coming years mobile commerce will make the total eCommerce revenue. About 80% of shoppers prefer to purchase online from a mobile phone than from the physical store. Mobile apps provide the consumers with the product video, product review, easy purchase, user-friendly experience, easy transaction, smooth delivery, personalized experience and order tracking.

Drone delivery system

Customers prefer to buy online as it provides them with hassle free shipping experience. Getting a chance to get the package delivered within a few hours will enhance the shopping experience. To provide a better shopping experience, drone delivery will be introduced that will deliver the package within an hour.

Product Videos are the game changer

Product video gives a detailed overview of a product that the customer is looking at. Product video builds trust in customers. Customers mostly prefer to watch a video than read a product description and are likely to purchase after seeing a product video. Product video clears all the obstacles in consumers mind regarding the product.

POP UP Shops to boost the sale

Seasonal products are mainly shopped from the pop-up stores. Those eCommerce store owners who have switched to the pop-up shops have seen a huge jump in the revenue. In a few years, POP UP shops will be given more importance to uplift the sale and the revenue of the store.

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