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What is your stack?

I have been working in full stack web development for the better part of last 5 years. Granted at the beginning I wanted to be the front end king, I wanted to impress everybody with my pixel perfect designs with lightly feathered shadows on every div. Alas life does not agree with your plans and trows you in funny ways.

My current stack is:


  • ASP.NET - Used as a server to connect the front end with the database and to write API or any other controllers required.
  • SQL Server - Primary database.
  • Red Gate SQL Tool belt - Amazing software.
  • SSIS - For loading in all the files and documents.
  • SSRS - For displaying/downloading all the files and documents.


  • Bootstrap 3/4 - First thing I did in college, practically know it all.
  • WebPack - Took a while to understand it but I am comfortable with it now.
  • SASS - was ass to learn but now I am understand it quite well.
  • Kendo UI - Great framework to make apps or features quickly but is very, very, very heavy. Webpack helps with managing and importing what you need.
  • Jquery - JqUeRy Is NoT a ReAl FrAmEwOrK, yeah well I still need to use it due to legacy.
  • JavaScript - JaVaScRiPt BaD!


  • Git - do I need to say anything else?
  • TFS - Microsoft version control system.
  • NodeJS - I use this primarily to automate some of my work flow, such as extracting differences between git branches and sending them through email all zipped and js converted!
  • Visual Studio Pro - Military grade IDE
  • Visual Studio Code - Civilian Grade IDE (with some mercenaries for hire).
  • SQL Server Management Studio - Microsoft SQL GUI.
  • CMDER - Great alternative to standard cmd or git bash.

I think that is it, If something comes to mind I will add it to the list. Its not a bad stack to have and the experience I have using the above tools has allowed me to do a lot but I am constantly looking for ways to adjust my work flow and make it better hence this post! Now let me know how more superior your stack is!


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