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Discussion on: We build a tool that identifies colors from a website URL and generate a CSS/Sass code palette

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Arbaoui Mehdi Author • Edited on

It's not an open-source project!

And for how we tackle colors sorting:

We first extract the colors by analyzing the code and pulling hexadecimal/rgb/rgba codes; as a starting point, the difference between each color is calculated using the Delta E CIE 2000 algorithm to match the colors list as closely as possible.

We used Delta E as a formula that defines color difference which measures the distance between two colors in terms of their coordinates in a perceptual color space such as CIELAB or CIELUV; we used it to quantify how different two colors are. It's defined as:

∆E = (ΔL / Δa)² + (ΔC / Δb)²
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ΔL = Δa = Δc = the change in lightness, from one sample to the next, throughout the entire color gamut.

Thank you for your feedback!