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Exploring DeFi and Building DBANK: My Experience with Angela Yu's Course - Day 89 of #100DaysOfCode

Day 89 of #100DaysOfCode. Today, I decided to switch things up and focus on the last module in Angela Yu's course before getting back to my project tomorrow. The module covers the theory behind blockchain, DApps, and how to develop them, as well as ICP.

To kick things off, I started building a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) DApp called DBANK, inspired by Compound. Today's lesson focused on the basics, such as making functions in canisters public so that they are accessible from any canister. This is especially helpful when your app becomes more complex with many different parts.

I began by interacting with the functions via the CLI, then moved on to Candid UI. It's fascinating to learn about how decentralized finance works and how it's changing the world of finance. I'm excited to continue building and exploring this space!

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