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Talking to containerd GRPC services using .NET

I have been wanting to explore the containerd service APIs on the Windows platform from .NET and almost found the end of internet looking for how to do it.

Thankfully following the below articles I was able to put together a client library which is shared here

The solution generates C# wrappers from protocol buffer specification for the respective containerd service. Hope that someone will find this useful.

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raddevus • Edited

I learned about something similar with containers via Docker recently because I run Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS desktop and I needed SQL Server admin on my local Linux box. Sql Server installation is not supported on 22.04 yet so Microsoft provides a Docker image.

I was absolutely gob-stop-amazed that I could easily connect to the SQL Server running in the container from my dev environment. Just couldn't believe it worked that well.

Here's the original article I read about it: Quickstart: Run SQL Server Linux container images with Docker

If you get a chance, I'd appreciate it if you read my recent article here on Software Developer, Are You Just A Hammer?