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Laravel Boiler Template: Elevate Your Laravel Experience


Embarking on a new Laravel project or enhancing an existing one? Look no further! Laravel Boiler Template is here to provide you with an elegant starting point, offering meticulous craftsmanship, a pre-configured structure, and essential functionalities. Let's delve into the features, extended requirements, and installation process that make this template a powerhouse for Laravel development.

πŸš€ Features

Repository Pattern

Dive into the elegance of the Repository Pattern, a design pattern widely adopted in Laravel and other frameworks. This pattern abstracts the data access layer, providing a pristine and organized approach to interact with databases and various data sources. Laravel Boiler Template seamlessly integrates this pattern, enhancing your project's maintainability and structure.

Multi Model Creation

Streamline your workflow with the enhanced php artisan make:model command. Craft a single model or multiple models at once, complete with migrations. The system graciously prompts you, allowing you to choose whether to create a repository alongside each model. Efficiency meets flexibility, making model creation a breeze.

Example Commands:

php artisan make:model ExampleModel --m
php artisan make:model ExampleModel1 ExampleModel2 ExampleModel3 --m
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Authentication System

Laravel Boiler Template seamlessly integrates a sophisticated authentication system. Whether you're developing for the web or API, enjoy advanced features including login, registration, and password reset functionalities. Elevate your authentication experience with the powerful php artisan auth:generate command.

Command Excellence:

php artisan auth:generate
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Choose between web or API authentication, and further customize the experience based on your preferences. Whether it's a web authentication marvel or API authentication with Passport or Sanctum, Laravel Boiler Template adapts to your wishes.

Custom Commands:

php artisan auth:generate web
php artisan auth:generate api --type=passport/sanctum
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API Ready

Unlock the potential of easy API integration and development with the meticulously crafted structure provided by Laravel Boiler Template. Whether you're building a full-fledged API or incorporating API features into your web application, this template is API-ready, ensuring a seamless development experience.

🌟 Requirements

  • PHP ^8.1
  • Laravel ^10
  • Composer (for package installation)
  • Node.js and npm (for asset compilation)
  • Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, or others supported by Laravel)

πŸ“¦ How To Install

Install Laravel Boiler Template effortlessly using Composer:

composer require joynal.a/boiler
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πŸš€ What Happens After Installing This Package?

The php artisan make:model command undergoes a luxurious transformation, featuring an added repository pattern. Additionally, the php artisan auth:generate command emerges, allowing you to shape your authentication system according to your desires.


Embark on your Laravel journey with the elegance and sophistication of Laravel Boiler Template! Add stars, fork the project, and engage with the community. This meticulously crafted foundation is designed to propel your projects forward.

Explore the Laravel Boiler Template on GitHub and stay connected with the community. Happy coding! πŸš€βœ¨

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