Why I want to use JSON in LibreOffice Calc.

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Recently, Web Service exports JSON.
It is not SOAP, not XML.
Web Data is JSON.

  • Address search from PostalCode
  • Weather


If Calc can use JSON and WebAPI,
Calc borrow Functions from Web.

Use Python, It is easy.
Is it need to use by calc?

Office Worker don't use Python.
They said.
VLOOKUP is wonderful!
VBA is awesome!
Python? what's?
I'm not a Programmer.

It is need to deal JSON and WebAPI in Calc for us.

Excel can use JSON.
Connect to a json file
LibreOffice don't have this function.

You make this function.

So, I develop underline Calc extensions.

It may be not enough.
ParseJSON don't work :-(

Finally, I want to make Calc Standerd Function them.

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