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#100daysofCode story of Code in this last 3 years

Hello :)
so my story began that I've seen a sponsoring post on Facebook talks about programming and how to start, by curiosity I've read the Post first think learned is HTML5 AND Css3 but i was poor on programming and how logics work the types of programming and so on.
after that, I've enrolling into C language and it was amazing for me because C language Can talk directly with the computer by step
procedural programming is stressful when the project will be strong, I've read some articles about what are the types of programming language then i discover The OOP
starting to learn the OOP using JAVA i've made so projects with java calculator,textEditor,games[snake,tic tac toe].
i was so sad because my apps was not dynamic just static one,
by reading some articles i've found that the dataBase can make your app speak, first starting with MySQL i'am doing some practices by building a system login and signup in java desktop,
building a system management for the small library, working as freelancer for a student by 15 USD that was my first freelance project.
after that back in web development i was starting with JS
learning how to make a template interactive and learning the react library, then learning PHP Basics and OOP classes and traits ...
after 7 Days of learning PHP my friend call to work as a freelancer for building System management agency the concept was not hard i've build the System using PHP and Firebase realtime database the payment was 274 USD after continue to practice to use PHP programming, atfer that i'am working also as freelancer for other 3 projects And the result it was fine, i've build a Ecommerce website using procedural programming and by reading about security the procedural programming in PHP by building a website is not safe cannot increase the safety to 20% and when you use this pattern to understand your code it take a time because the project is not structured i've learned the MVC pattern and begain with laravel framework by practicing and taking some ideas from laravel starting to build my own project structure MVC
what i'm doing in last 3 years ?
learning :
-C language
-Laravel framework

-react library

and still learning today for building best apps i fell imperfect skills ...
and still increase
my advice love what you do and start
thank you

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