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Discussion on: How do you store private keys?

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Aquiles Carattino

I have different approaches depending on the platform where I deploy. If I have control over the server (i.e. if I'm using Digital Ocean) I have one (or multiple) .env files that I use to store private information. I have a local version of the files, such as these ones that can be used as a reference for others even though they are not comprehensive, and a production copy, which I store on my machine+backed up, but never on VCS. I upload the production files to the server 'manually'. Those files are sourced so that the variables become environment variables within the context of the app. This works equally well either using Docker or directly on a server.

I have used something like dotenv in some projects, however having environmental variables defined allowed me to work directly connected to the server (i.e. perform maintenance tasks, data dumps, etc.) replicating the same conditions that the app is operating under. Therefore the chances of running a script, or triggering a batch of e-mail messages, using the wrong access keys is very low.

If, however, an internal process requires a 3rd party to access private keys, I shared them encrypted. It is important to share only the strictly necessary keys. So, for example, in this repo, Travis can decrypt a key that is later used to push some changes to a server. This puts a lot of trust on Travis security, and that is why I believe limiting the scope of such approach is important. If there's ever a breach at Travis (after all, it becomes a very attractive target), there'll be not enough reaction time to limit revoke access to those keys.

Finally, if I'm deploying on something like Heroku, I only use environment variables, so no files ever leave my computer.

There's the other aspect, however, on how to store and backup keys in your dev machine, so that you can guarantee access to the server even after your laptop gets destroyed, but that is not the point of your question, I believe.

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Madza Author

Thank you so much for extended insight 🙏❤