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Alex Quasar
Alex Quasar

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Heat Mapping Software

I am very interested in doing some heat mapping for some of my websites for myself and for others to see where users are interacting on the page and for conversion rate optimization.

Is there any free service or fremium app that allows this to be done on any website like React, Shopify, Wordpress, etc that you recommend.

I am aware of HotJar, what is your favourite tool for this and what do you recommend and why!?

Thanks Dev Community!

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Brandin Chiu

I'm pretty sure Google Analytics can do this and most services will support simple drag and drop systems to enable google analytics quickly.

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Alex Quasar Author

Thanks Brandin, I did not know of this Google page extension! This would in fact be the easiest for sure but it seems a bit limited as well.

Also Even though I am connected to Google analytics, it does not show my data for some of my sites.

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Brandin Chiu • Edited on

You'll need to go through the google webmaster setup process to confirm control of the domains in order to unlock all of the features.

The full propagation period can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

Additionally some features may be limited by your users' browsers. Safari, for example, blocks some of the advanced cookie tracking Google uses, but that should not effect the heat map.