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.NET 8.0 LTS Released!

The fourth Long Term Support (LTS) release for the modern .NET framework, .NET 8.0 has just been released! This release features performance improvements across various areas, feature additions, and many changes that will improve your .NET development experience.

To download this version of .NET, visit the below link by clicking on the links shown below:

Here are some of the changes introduced in this .NET version:

Built-in JSON improvements

The System.Text.Json library has just accumulated some of the nice improvements and feature additions that will improve your experience with interacting with the JSON files and manipulating them.

Learn more about the System.Text.Json improvements by clicking this link.

required and init members

Starting from .NET 8.0, the System.Text.Json library supports deserializing classes that contain properties that contain the required and the init modifiers.

Combining source generators

You can now combine two or more source generators to the TypeInfoResolver property when populating the JSON serialization options starting from this version of .NET.

Compiler-generated types

Compiler-generated types, or unspeakable types, are types that are automatically generated by the compiler for the lambda delegates. This library used to fail when trying to perform serialization operations on such types.

However, this is changed because the .NET 8.0 version can now perform such operations on such types.

Disable Reflection-based Serialization

In addition to the above changes, you can now disable the reflection-based serialization as a default when building your .NET 8.0 project that makes use of the JSON serialization operations.

Ahead of Time (AOT) Improvements

In addition to the big number of System.Text.Json changes, the .NET 8.0 framework witnessed several improvements regarding the native Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation.

Your native AOT applications can now enjoy the smaller size footprint when building your application on the .NET 8.0 SDK versus the .NET 7.0 SDK.

For example, in the What’s New article, the team added support for AOT compilation for both the 64-bit macOS and the newer ARM64 macOS operating system. Not only that, but the overall reduction of the size is up to ~50%.


Get yourselves excited with the .NET 8.0 release! Download .NET 8.0 by going to the top of the page and clicking on Download to get started!

Visual Studio 17.8 is shipped with built-in support for .NET 8.0 so that you can use this version of .NET with Visual Studio seamlessly.

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