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Announcing the Built With Appwrite Platform

A big part of growing Appwrite’s developer ecosystem is providing the right platform for our builders to showcase their works with Appwrite to our community so that they can gain better visibility, feedback, and usage. For the last couple of years, that has exclusively been the awesome-appwrite repository we have on Appwrite’s GitHub organization.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our whole-new Built With Appwrite platform!

What Is the Built With Appwrite platform?

The Built With Appwrite platform is our one-stop solution to create awareness about your Appwrite-related projects as well as discover the amazing work being done by our community members.

Built With Appwrite website

If you have, in the past, spent some time working on an Appwrite project with any of your preferred languages, SDKs, and services, make sure to share your work with our community!

You can access the platform:

Features of the Platform

As of now, the platform offers a range of features that improve the discoverability of your projects. Right off the start, as you access the platform, you can discover a range of filtering options that allow you to discover new projects based on Appwrite services, framework, UI library, or use case.

Submit on Built With Appwrite

As you create a project on the platform, you are offered the ability to add basic details such as a name, tagline, description (with support for Markdown), and preview image, as well as technology information (as described earlier in filtering options) and social information to help other folks reach out to you and learn more and use your application.

Submit on Built With Appwrite

This is especially beneficial to increase contributions and distribute access to your applications within our community.

The platform itself has been built with Qwik, Pink Design, and Appwrite Cloud.

Appwrite Will Promote Your Project!

We are dedicated to helping developers with getting their projects off the ground. So we decided we will help with visibility by promoting projects on our Twitter channel! How to get mentioned?

  1. Submit your project here:
  2. Introduce your project, including the page, in a Tweet tagging Appwrite
  3. We will share your project link along with a description and tag you on Twitter

Build with Appwrite at Our Hackathon

Over the next month, from May 15th to June 14th, we are organizing the Appwrite Cloud Hackathon in collaboration with Hashnode to help more developers get started building with Appwrite Cloud.

Appwrite Cloud Hackathon

This is the perfect opportunity for you to build an application with Appwrite and share it with our community via the Built With Appwrite platform.

You can sign up for the hackathon at


Thank you so much for checking out the Built With Appwrite platform. We can’t wait to see the projects you build and submit to us!

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Just submitted my hackathon entry on the Built With Appwrite site!

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Aditya Oberai

That's wonderful! 😀