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Announcing the Appwrite Official Swag Store! 🛍

We're super excited to announce the launch of the Appwrite Swag Store. Yes! Our Swag Store is now live, and you can order merch from your favourite open-source project starting now ❤️.

We have been wanting to do this for quite some time now, and we realized it would be perfect to have the store up in time to distribute swags for #30DaysOfAppwrite event! We had two main motivations when we started out with this idea:

We wanted the process of shipping swags to be much easier, and allow anyone liking our projects to be able to get any Appwrite swags they desire, and we also wanted a fun way to sponsor and support other open source projects.

Giving Back to The OSS Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

We love ❤️ Open Source and we know that you do too! We also know that some OSS projects might find it hard to sustain themselves. That's why we decided that any profit that the new Appwrite swags store makes will be invested back in the open-source community!

We realized that a swag store would be a great way to support some exciting open-source projects, giving both you and us a sense of satisfaction. As with everything we do at Appwrite, we love transparency, here are some details.

The price you see on our store accounts for all the production costs like store hosting, transaction commissions, and manufacturing costs and an additional 5-10% on each product. We will be sharing updates about the store revenue and the details about the projects we decide to sponsor each month in our monthly newsletter!

Easy Distribution ✈️

We love giving away swags, and it lights up our faces every time one of you tags us on social media or sends us pictures of your Appwrite goodies.

But then, scale happened! We started getting an overwhelming amount of responses during various events like Hacktoberfest, the Easter Egg Hunt, #30DaysOfAppwrite, and people actually asking to support us and buy hoodies. Having all these new contributions is a great problem to have, but it became increasingly difficult to manage the procurement, warehousing, logistics and shipping of Goodies! Having the store takes that burden away, allowing us to invest more time in making Appwrite the best OSS alternative to Firebase we can! For all our future events, we will be distributing swag cards to make purchases easy for all of you!

The Products 👚 👕

Appwrite Store Products

With our motivations aside, let's talk a little bit about the products! We have debug_mugs() to help you while you crush those nasty bugs, phone.protect(), laptop.protect(), init_pillows() and many new Notebooks() to name a few. Check out the store for a complete list of products and grab some before we run out of stock! You can find our store over at

We're anxiously awaiting feedback about what's good, what's bad, and what you'd like to see more of! We would love to hear about products you'd like to see, your favorite open-source projects we could sponsor, and everything else in between. If you have experience running an online store, hit us up! We would love to hear more about your learning and experiences.

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