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Introducing the all-new SnowflakeDB Integration on Appsmith

Today, we are super proud to announce Snowflake DB integrations on Appsmith in our latest release (>v1.5.5). It was one of the highly requested integrations by our community, and we've shipped this right on time. This blog is an attempt to share with you our motivation and experience in building this integration.

We first received a request for this SnowflakeDB integration on our GitHub Issues. This was posted by one of our community members in the last week of April. We then researched SnowflakeDB's architecture and data sharing capabilities and decided to supercharge it with Appsmith for querying and building applications.

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On Appsmith, it's super fast and easy to build new Integrations. This is because we've architectured each integration as an individual module; with this, it's super handy for us and contributors to build, customise and organise any new integration.

To learn more about Appsmith's backend architecture, we recommend you watch the session about integrations by our co-founders here.

Considering the amount of interest this integration had gathered within our community, we decided to fast-track the work on Snowflake DB Integration. It barely took us two weeks to build, test and ship it to production. Super C❄️❄️L, right?

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Our existing integrations helped us organise most of the code, and with Snowflake DB's JDBC driver support, we were able to establish a connection with our backend quickly. We've made a few easy-to-get-started decisions on the UX front, but we'll enhance these based on feedback from our community.

Connecting Snowflake DB on Appsmith

It is super easy to connect databases with our integrations on Appsmith. Now, let’s look at how we can connect SnowflakeDB on Appsmith to build applications.

Step #1 Find Snowflake DB Integration under Datasources

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Step #2 Add connection details for SnowflakeDB and save a data source

CleanShot 2021-06-29 at 06.51.44@2x.png

Step #3 Create Queries and Build UI


Awesome, in just three steps, we're able to connect to SnowflakeDB on Appsmith! Now we can power UI widgets with queries from the created data source.

Credits to Nidhi Nair, who had worked hard on getting this integration out!

We appreciate each contribution and piece of feedback that you share. Join the community! Come chat with us on Discord, or jump in on Github directly.

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shreya123 profile image

This is fantastic news! The introduction of the SnowflakeDB Integration on Appsmith opens up a world of possibilities for simplifying data applications and workflows. Snowflake's data warehousing capabilities are renowned for their speed and scalability, and Appsmith's no-code/low-code approach to application development is a game-changer.

The combination of Snowflake and Appsmith is a powerful synergy. Snowflake's data is now more accessible than ever, and with Appsmith's intuitive interface, creating data-driven applications becomes a breeze. The ability to connect to Snowflake, retrieve and manipulate data, and build custom applications all within one platform is a massive time-saver.

What's especially impressive is the promise of real-time data integration. In a world where data-driven decisions need to be made on the fly, this feature could be a game-changer for businesses across various industries.

I can't wait to explore this integration further and see how it can streamline data application development and enhance the decision-making process. Kudos to the team for making data integration and application development even more user-friendly and efficient. This is a significant step forward in the world of data and application development.