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Onboarding to a new codebase quickly and efficiently

AppMap Ruby
Open-source VSCode extension that creates interactive visualizations directly from Ruby apps. Made by the Architecture team at AppLand.
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A short demonstration of how to use AppMaps to shorten the time it takes to get productive on a new-to-you codebase.

I use the open source extension for VS Code called AppMap, and the ecommerce Rails application Solidus as an example.

AppMap works by recording the code execution paths of your app. A good way to create AppMaps is by recording unit, functional or integration test cases.

To check it out search for 'AppMap' in the VS Code extensions tab or in the VS Code marketplace.

Discussion (2)

gktim profile image

Looks nice. Any plans to support JS or Typescript?

appmapruby profile image
AppMap Ruby Author

Yes! Someone stepped up to create a js client. His name is Laurent, and he produced the first js AppMap a few days ago. Still early but if you want to cheer him on, he hangs out in the #appmap-js channel on our Discord.

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