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A Chrome Extension For Easing Your Writing At Dev Platform.

We all have heard the famous saying that necessity is mother of invention. A similar problem was faced by me, while I was writing my article on Dev platform.

Link to Extension: Markdown Extension

We have the option to choose our editor either as a Rich + Markdown or Basic Markdown. Common amongst both is that we have to write the article in markdown language.

Option of editor format on Dev Platform.

On the platform if I write something and want to see the preview, I need to click on preview button. Post clicking the button I will be navigated to the page which will take me to the preview page.

Now once I saw the preview I need to click on another button which will take me back to editor. The engineer inside me keep on shouting that this needs to be changed.

I have learnt this with experience that for better user experience the CTA should be less. Once you have achieved your goal of CTA to minimum, you should now work on user experience that includes minimum redirects.

Unless your application is for internal purpose, you should give a smooth experience to your customers. So without wasting any more time, I introduce you with a new chrome extension which will help you mitigate this problem with Dev platform.

Mindroast Md markdown

Currently I wont deny the fact, that it is not in it optimal condition, but personally earlier I was keeping it to my self. Then I felt to share it with others so that even if any one person can utilise it will be a win for me.

This is the 0.0.1 version, I assure the next major version will much improved. As on date it only supports dev platform but in future I am planning to launch preview for couple of more blogging websites.

Following is the sample preview of the same article. Here with just click of a extension button you will be able to see the preview of your article. The sole purpose of the extension is to improve your writing experience.

Article Preview.

There are various updates which are already in my bucket list which are as follows.

  • Add Cover photo support to preview.
  • Add Preview for other popular application.
  • Improve Markdown handling for more tags.
  • Improve Error Handling.

These are few of the things that I plan to launch in following upgraded version. I will ensure your the upcoming version will cover more good features as this is my first chrome extension. Positive/ constructive feedbacks are always welcomed.

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