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Why you need the Cloud 2

Cloud Computing is provision of on demand IT services over the internet with a pay as go model.The cloud provides flexibility,is cost saving and offers reach that your on prem infrastructure cannot match.
Advantages of using the Cloud****
1.Gives you access to services like servers,databases and applications over the internet,you will not have run these services in your local machine.

  1. Cloud Computing helps save cost,it does it by helping you bring down or totally eliminate capital expenses.You get to accommodate only variable costs and pay for only what you use.This frees you up to cut cost and/or allocate cost to other cost centres.
  2. Cloud offers you massive economies of scale in that because the use of services is aggregated and inclusive of other users you are able to access a lower variable cost than you get as a stand alone with your infrastructure.Economies of scale assists to get a lower pay as go service.To be continued..........

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