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What Diversifying the AI & ML workforce with AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program is all about.

The AWS offers hands-on learning,scholarships,and mentorship for people underserved or underrepresented in tech through AI and ML scholarship.
The scholarship is a partnership amongst The AWS, Intel and Udacity who want to bridge the gap of getting underrepresented and underserved high school and college students learn foundational ML concepts to give them a head start
Image description and prepare them for careers in AI and ML.

Data is everywhere,it drives the world the constant need to make data driven decisions cannot be ignored anymore. The need to get superior performance, deliver faster and accurate results is a deal breaker .
It is a make and break point that can not be glossed over even more so because of the need to process an outstanding amount of data informs the decision to migrate to the Cloud.
No longer is it business as usual as most legacy frameworks may be soon be discarded.
All this been in the front burner ,AWS provides a solution within reach by students all over the world learn ML faster with AWS DeepRacer Student.
AWS DeepRacer an all-new free service for students over the age of 16 enrolled in high school and higher education institutions around the globe. Applicants access 20 hours of AWS AI & ML content at launch, receive 10 hours of model training, and 5 GB of storage per month .[]
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This is to encourage participants take part in the AWS DeepRacer Student League, a global racing competition exclusively for AWS AI & ML students. AWS DeepRacer is positioned to help learners grasp Machine learning quickly.

Application opens on Monday 11th April 2022 sign up [here]

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