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API7 API Gateway Performance Benchmark: P99 = 2.3 ms & 160k QPS

API7 Enterprise is a full API lifecycle management solution based on Apache APISIX. It seamlessly integrates with DevOps and CI/CD workflows, providing excellent product performance and security, while supporting enterprise-level deployment requirements across regions.

We provide detailed performance benchmark tests and performance testing suites to help users conduct performance evaluations and obtain specific, reliable, and feasible data metrics. Additionally, we offer standardized testing procedures, methods, and performance optimization techniques to ensure that users can achieve consistent test results by taking our configurations and scenarios references.

We conducted targeted tests on key features such as single routing, multiple routing, authentication, and rate limiting. The test results demonstrate that API7 Enterprise performs exceptionally well in critical metrics such as concurrent requests and response latency, easily handling high-concurrency access and safeguarding enterprise-level API management.

Performance Testing Benchmarks

The tests were conducted in an AWS Kubernetes environment and comprehensively evaluated the performance of API7 Gateway in several typical scenarios, including that with no plugins enabled, with only rate limiting or authentication plugins enabled, and with multiple plugins enabled simultaneously.

To accurately evaluate the performance metrics of API7 Gateway, we first conducted baseline tests and collected the results. In the baseline tests, we deployed API7 Gateway with 1 worker_process, NGINX upstream, and the load testing tool wrk on the same machine, using the host network mode for communication. Detailed results can be found in How to Establish Performance Benchmarks. Under the interference of a networkless environment, API7 Gateway achieved a single-core QPS (queries per second) of 23,652.91 and maintained a latency of less than 0.1 milliseconds in a single routing configuration.

Subsequently, we changed the deployment architecture to simulate the deployment method in a user's production environment. Specifically, we deployed API7 Gateway, NGINX upstream, and the load testing tool wrk on different nodes within a Kubernetes cluster.

The test results show that in a scenario configuring with a single routing, API7 Gateway can support a QPS of up to 167,019.37 requests per second, with 95% of the client request latency below 2.16 milliseconds. Even in complex scenarios with 100 routes and 100 consumers, and with authentication and rate-limiting plugins enabled simultaneously, the QPS still reaches 133,782.95, with 95% of the client request latency below 2.3 milliseconds.

This data fully demonstrates that API7 Gateway can maintain high performance and stability even in complex scenarios. Whether in basic or complex scenarios, API7 Gateway can provide efficient and reliable API management services.

Performance Benchmarking Results

Test Scenarios Number of Routes/Consumers Forward to Upstream QPS P99 (MS) P95 (MS)
Only enable mocking plugin 1 route, 0 consumer False 310,392.07 1.16 1.08
No plugins enabled 1 route, 0 consumer True 167,019.37 2.3 2.16
No plugins enabled 100 routes, 0 consumer True 162,753.17 2.31 2.16
Only enable limit-count plugin 1 route, 0 consumer True 145,370.10 2.43 2.24
Only enable limit-count plugin 100 routes, 0 consumer True 143,108.40 2.45 2.25
Only enable key-auth plugin 1 route, 0 consumer True 147,869.49 2.41 2.22
Only enable key-auth plugin 100 routes, 0 consumer True 145,070.93 2.43 2.25
Enable both key-auth and limit-count plugins 1 route, 0 consumers True 136,725.47 2.43 2.26
Enable both key-auth and limit-count plugins 100 routes, 0 consumer True 133,782.95 2.48 2.3

Deployment Topology

Typology of Deployment

Performance Testing Suite

We recognize the importance of performance for an API gateway, so we will continue to optimize and improve the performance of API7 Enterprise. In addition to referring to the Performance Testing Benchmarks, you can also access the publicly available Performance Benchmark Repository for API7 Enterprise. This repository provides detailed records of the resource deployment configurations used for testing and specific configuration information for various test scenarios. Through this repository, you can conduct performance benchmark testing on the API7 Gateway based on the provided guidelines to gain a more comprehensive understanding of its performance.

Before conducting the tests, we strongly recommend ensuring that the Performance Baseline you are testing is consistent with the officially published testing conditions to ensure the accuracy of the test results. For environment preparation and detailed testing steps for AWS EKS, we recommend referring to the document How to Prepare for the AWS EKS Environment, which includes detailed environment preparation and testing steps. With the provided performance testing benchmarks, the related repository, and testing guidelines, we believe you will be able to better evaluate the performance of API7 Enterprise and make more informed decisions.

Benefits of Performance Test Reports

Performance testing benchmarks provide comprehensive performance references for enterprises in selecting, deploying, and optimizing API7 Enterprise, serving as an important basis for ensuring stable system operation. They showcase specific performance metrics of the product in aspects such as response time, throughput, and concurrent access capability, helping enterprises objectively assess whether the product can meet their business needs.

Additionally, the data in performance testing benchmarks provides reliable guidance for enterprises to plan the hardware resource configuration and cluster scale of API7 Enterprise. These benchmarks can help enterprises identify system bottlenecks in advance and formulate response measures to avoid business interruptions.

Embark on a Journey with API7 Enterprise

API7 Enterprise provides comprehensive digital tools and solutions to help enterprises easily achieve business digitization. It enables unified data management and analysis, offers visualized business processes and collaborative work functions, and possesses robust security and compliance controls.

API7 Enterprise supports flexible deployment methods and seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure. With its powerful features and wide range of application scenarios, enterprises can enhance their competitiveness and adaptability, opening the door to a better digital future.

Experience API7 Enterprise now and embark on your digital transformation journey!

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