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The Secret to Achieving Your Goals: Getting Specific 🎯

The more specifically you can formulate an idea, issue, or solution, the:
🧘‍♂️ Calmer
🛡️ Safer
💪 More confident
😊 More satisfied you feel.

My experience has proven this to me multiple times in various situations.

How can we be sure:
🤔 That we're doing the right job without clarifying it with our bosses in detail?
📝 That we'll reach our goals without writing down the actual action steps?
😄 That we'll be happy when we can't instantly answer what actually makes us happy?

It's absolutely normal to feel lost and unsure in undetermined situations. I'd be more concerned about a person who appears confident and all-knowing.

Whenever I want something and am unsure how to get it, I simply take a sheet of paper and start iteratively specifying things in more and more detail. This simple exercise works wonders. ✨

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