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Can’t Reach Your Manager? Here’s How to Still Do Your Best Work!

Wouldn't it be great to reach out to your manager and get a response anytime you need it? Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Many times, the manager is so busy that it's hard to get a response at all.

Here's what I do when it's hard to reach out:

  1. Seek information from others or through different channels. Usually, there's more than one person who can help. Choosing the path of least resistance might be the solution.
  2. Work independently whenever possible. Sometimes it's faster to complete the work yourself and then seek feedback rather than asking many less important questions, which can lead to significant delays.
  3. When you must check in with your manager but they often overlook your messages, try this approach: "I intend to do <...>. If you'd like me to change my course of action, please inform me by EOD."
  4. Highlight urgency when necessary. There are times when you can't proceed without your manager's input. In such cases, it’s crucial to let them know that you are blocked without their response. Sometimes a manager's interaction is essential, and that’s part of their job.
  5. Discuss and agree on communication preferences. Transparent conversations about preferred communication methods, levels of reporting, and which decisions do or don't require approval can be beneficial. This ensures that both sides are on the same page.

What do you think? Are there any strategies here that you’ve used successfully, or any that you would avoid at all costs?

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