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This Tailwind Twitter Drama Could Have Been Avoided😓


So this is the tweet that caused the massive Tailwind drama on twitter recently. All because @shadcn decided to breakup tailwind classes and group them into different lines. All because @shadcn didn't know about Prettier plugin for Tailwind CSS

With this plugin, Tailwind classes will be intelligently sorted with every save. Seriously I don't know why they just don't include this plugin with Tailwind by default. Here is the quick summary:

The actual order of the different utilities is loosely based on the box model, and tries to put high impact classes that affect the layout at the beginning and decorative classes at the end, while also trying to keep related utilities together.

Tailwind is honestly magic people. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out. And if you have tried it but didn't like it, try it a little longer.

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