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Apache ShardingSphere
Apache ShardingSphere

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Book Release: “A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere” is Published Internationally

Recently, A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere, a technical book co-written by Pan Juan, Zhang Liang, and Yacine Si Tayeb, core members of Apache ShardingSphere, was officially launched internationally.
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As the first book that comprehensively introduces ShardingSphere and demos several design details and best practices, A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere was written by core contributors and the founder of the ShardingSphere project.

“Many developers would like to have a complete document or book to understand the design concept of ShardingSphere and how to use it effectively. That’s exactly why we wrote this book,” said Pan Juan, one of the authors of A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere, in an interview with the publisher Packt.

This book offers a quick overview of the key challenges facing DBMS in production environments. It helps users understand how to use ShardingSphere-JDBC and ShardingSphere-Proxy deployments, and how to quickly build and deploy a customized version of ShardingSphere using distributed database solutions, elastic scaling, DistSQL, integrated monitoring, database gateway, and SQL permissions, in a bid to address the pain points encountered in data management infrastructures.

Why should ShardingSphere community users read this book?

A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere is written for DBAs and developers who are exploring distributed database solutions, want to learn about the Database Plus concept, and may find Apache ShardingSphere useful.

This is a technical book written for the ShardingSphere community users as well as database users in general. Readers are required to have a basic knowledge of technology, databases, relational databases, SQL, cloud computing, and data management.

  • Use ShardingSphere pluggable architecture to build custom solutions.
  • Learn how to effectively adopt Database Plus.
  • Understand the differences and features of ShardingSphere-JDBC and ShardingSphere-Proxy.
  • Grasp the pluggable mechanism of ShardingSphere
  • Explore the mainstream test models for databases and distributed databases.
  • Migrate from local databases to cloud databases.
  • Reconfigure the current data infrastructure and reduce database ops and maintenance costs.

Why did we write a professional book about ShardingSphere?

To introduce the strengths of ShardingSphere’s kernel, features, and architecture to more programmers.
— By Zhang Liang, Apache ShardingSphere PMC Chair

As the Apache ShardingSphere community has grown in the past two years, its project features and application scenarios have become increasingly diversified and many developers have applied ShardingSphere to real production scenarios.

However, a technical book that can cover the database industry, explain the development trend of the industry, and integrate the features of ShardingSphere products was needed on the market.

Following years of development, the ShardingSphere community has accumulated a large number of articles, documents, and best practice cases. But its rapid iterations create a lag in updating the documentation, which leads to incomplete documentation.

Additionally, the technical documents published on the Internet have not been systematically sorted. If a newcomer wants to use ShardingSphere and master a new project, they have to spend a lot of time reading obscure source code and scattered technical documents, which is inefficient and unfriendly to users. This will undoubtedly discourage even the most hardcore open source enthusiasts.

Therefore, a beginner book that can systematically and briefly introduce the complete features and functional ecology of ShardingSphere was due.

The book guides users from simply “making use of ShardingSphere” to “making good use of ShardingSphere”. It is the definitive book on the history of ShardingSphere and the project itself for both novice users and core members of the community.

Currently, ShardingSphere has reached version 5. X and transformed into a huge ecosystem guided by the Database Plus concept that provides core data enhancements for the upper layer of databases. In the coming future, its performance, stability, compatibility, and availability will be steadily further advanced.

How to get it?

A Definitive Guide to Apache ShardingSphere has been officially listed on Amazon, and you can read the first chapter for free. Please refer to ShardingSphere’s official website for details.

👉Free Book Giveaway

To give back to the community users, ShardingSphere also launched a free book giveaway for this book. Click the following links to get a chance and win a copy!


👉Free Chapter

A free copy of chapter one is available here for download.

👉Purchase Link

If you didn’t win a free copy, never mind! You can also enjoy a 25% discount from 22nd July 2022 to 22nd September 2022.

The discount code is: 25ASHARD.

Please note that the discount is only available on the publisher’s website through the following purchase link:

Book Table of Contents

  1. The Evolution of DBMSs, DBAs, and the Role of Apache ShardingSphere

  2. Architectural Overview of Apache ShardingSphere

  3. Key Features and Use Cases — Your Distributed Database Essentials

  4. Key Features and Use Cases — Focusing on Performance and Security

  5. Exploring ShardingSphere Adaptors

  6. ShardingSphere-Proxy Installation and Startup

  7. ShardingSphere JDBC Installation and Start-Up

  8. Apache ShardingSphere Advanced Usage — Database Plus and Plugin Platform

  9. Baseline and Performance Test System Introduction

  10. Testing Frequently Encountered Application Scenarios

  11. Exploring the Best Use Cases for ShardingSphere

  12. Applying Theory to Practical Real-World Examples

  13. Appendix and the Evolution of the Apache ShardingSphere Open Source Community

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ShardingSphere Slack

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