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Emmanuel Oreoluwa
Emmanuel Oreoluwa

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React Navigation and StackNavigator to navigate Error

I am trying to use React Navigation and StackNavigator to navigate around my app. I have a picture with onPress={() => navigate(‘Swipe Screen’), and I was hoping that would take me to the Swipe Screen, it was clicking but not navigating What do I need to add in order to get this working?

I already added navigation={this.props.navigation} to the parent Component


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Bartmr • Edited

I didn't understand your Gist, but it's possible that your nested navigators aren't connected in a consistent tree where navigator screens are composed of more navigators using createStackNavigator or others. Example:

WRONG way:

RootNavigator {
--Screen1: React Component which renders a navigator {
--Screen2: React Component

RIGHT way:

RootNavigator {
--Screen1: createStackNavigator({
----NestedScreen1: ReactComponent,
----NestedScreen2: createTabNavigator(
------SuperNestedScreen1: React Component
------SuperNestedScreen2: React Component
--Screen2: React Component

You can create a React Component that IS a navigator at the same time, but that's described in the docs. Happy Coding. React Native really rocks.

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Santiago M.A.

Can you create an expo snack? It would be easier to help