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Discussion on: How To Balance Personal and Professional Projects

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Aoife Shannon • Edited on

I've loved developing since I was 16 and if it wasnt my job I would definitely do it as a hobby, but for me it's also always been a means to an end. Just because it's something you're passionate about doesnt mean you need to do it 24/7. After 8 years in the industry I've long given up on having that portfolio or blog constantly updated with articles or side projects. I need to keep my sanity and leave the code at the office door, no shame in it

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Katie Adams Author

Couldn't agree more! I completely relate to having code as both a hobby and a means to an end. Truly, because I'm currently in a job that involves no coding, I've never wanted to code more!

I hope you continue to reap the rewards of your great work/life balance. :)