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10 practical newsletters every CTO should read

Hello to the community! I’m Anvar, an ex-iOS developer and now CTO at Ukrainian marketplace

I love reading. In fact, I read more than ~300 articles in 2022 (and bookmarked even more). Most of the articles I found in the curated newsletters for tech leads. Those newsletters are super useful, as they provide you insights on engineering approaches, culture deep-dives, hiring & onboarding, as well as all news from the space.

So I put my list with detailed feedback on every newsletter here.

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Lisa Dziuba

Which one was you favorite?

anvarazizov profile image
Anvar Azizov

You know, it's really hard to choose, but probably:
Level Up, The Pragmatic Engineer and Irrational Exuberance (btw, Will Larson also wrote a good book about engineering management – An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Engineering Management).

sibandaneo profile image
Neo Sibanda

thank your sharing.What essential elements are they to a great newsletter?

anna_dolynska profile image
Anna Dolynska 🇺🇦

Wow! Thanks for sharing

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