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How to explain CI/CD pipeline to kids in simple terms?

  • CI/CD pipeline is a way of making software faster and better by automating some steps
  • CI stands for Continuous Integration, which means testing code changes as soon as they are made
  • CD stands for Continuous Delivery, which means releasing software updates whenever they are ready
  • A CI/CD pipeline has several stages, such as development, testing, deployment, and maintenance


Let’s see an example of how a CI/CD pipeline works:

  • Imagine you are building a Lego house with your friends. You each have a different part of the house to work on
  • You want to make sure your parts fit together and look good, so you need to check them often
  • CI is like checking your Lego pieces every time you add or change something. You use a tool that tells you if they match or not
  • If they match, you can move on to the next step. If not, you need to fix them before you continue
  • CD is like putting your Lego pieces together and showing them to your parents or teachers. You use another tool that helps you do that automatically
  • You can decide when to show your Lego house, depending on how confident you are that it is ready
  • Sometimes you may need to get approval from someone else before you show it. That’s called manual testing or approval
  • CD makes sure your Lego house is always ready to be shown and enjoyed by others
  • A CI/CD pipeline is like a conveyor belt that moves your Lego pieces from one stage to another
  • It saves you time and effort by doing some tasks for you
  • It also reduces the chances of making mistakes or breaking something
  • It helps you deliver high-quality Lego houses faster and more reliably
  • I hope this helps you understand what a CI/CD pipeline is and how it works

Thanks for reading and happy building! 😊

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