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Introducing LinkedIn API (Proxy curl)

Hello, I want to introduce to you Proxy Curl a Linkedin API software.

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What is Proxy curl?

Proxy curl
is a LinkedIn profile scraping API that stores it's data in a postgresql data structure called LinkDB

LinkDB is a postgresql database of 117M public Linkedin Profiles.

Proxy curl can do the following for you;

  • Lookup people
  • Look up companies
  • Enrich people profiles
  • Enrich company profiles
  • Lookup contact information on people and companies
  • Check if an email address is of a disposable nature
  • Scrape 1M Linkedin jobs/ day in real time

Here are lists of solutions proxy curls offers;

  • Sales marketing automation Helping you identifying decision makers, buy signals and launch Facebook ads for B2B products.
  • Build data-driven applications with proxy curl api.
  • Investment signals with fresh alternative data like hiring velocity, identifying and tracking prospective founders.
  • Accelerate hyper-growth at your growth-stage start up with building an exhaustive list of prospects and pushing out growth campaigns with Facebook ads, bulk connection on linkedin and cold email campaigns.
  • Email Lookup API get verified work email addresses of linkedin profiles programmatically.
  • Reverse email lookup API lookup a linkedin profile from a work email address.
  • Employee Listing Endpoint get a list of past and present employees of any company.
  • Free API to check if an email belongs to a disposable email service.
  • Reveal API reveal the associated company from an IP address.

Simple ways to use proxy curl;

Person Profile Endpoint
Input: Person profile URL
Output: Profile data with profile picture, job history etc

Company Profile Endpoint
Input: Company Profile URL
Output: Company's profile picture, office locations etc

Work Email Lookup Endpoint
Input: Work email address
Output: Profile URL

Personal Email Lookup Endpoint
Input: Linkedin Profile URL
Output: List of personal email address

Employee Listing Endpoint
Input: Company Profile URL
Output: List of employees

Role Lookup Endpoint
Input: Company name and role
Output: Person Profile URL

Nubela (Proxy curl) abides by strict legal compliance kin obtaining data designed with a high bar security and privacy in mind which is CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Email proxy curl product manager, data science team, and head of growth: Email

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