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Distributed SQL

What is Distributed SQL database?
This is a relational database that maintains data consistency across a large number of machines and geographic locations.

Distributed SQL solutions provide enterprise-grade management tools, security, and integration capabilities.

Applications that use distributed SQL solutions often choose vendor-managed solutions, getting global relational databases as a service on the same level as storage or computer as a service.

Some of the distributed SQL Solutions are;

  1. FaunaDB
  2. Google Cloud Spanner
  3. CockroachDB
  4. YugabyteDB

Some of the industries that uses distributed SQL for their data workflow are;

  • Telecom

  • Retail

  • Gaming

Kubernetes is a popular choice for orchestrating distributed SQL clusters. Businesses are choosing distributed SQL because it gives them value that wasn't possible before, and they can now extend that to other offerings.

Distributed SQL already automates a lot of key capabilities required for server less. A server less architecture means that the resources are always available.

Most of the distributed SQL solutions are wire-compactible with PostgreSQL.

In a distributed world, you can create something that delights hearts no matter where they beat.


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