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The end of an era: CRA thou shalt me be missed

Yes you heard that right! React officially parts ways with the much-coveted, much-used, and much-loved create-react-app.

As a web developer, you can very confidently claim and say that React is probably THE most powerful and versatile frameworks (library :p) available.

And up till now npx create-react-app has certainly been the go-to method/CLI for most of us to bootstrap and kickstart a new React project. However, with the constant evolution and fast-paced changes in the world of technology and development, even a tool such as React needs to keep up the pace just so it does not get left behind; the fist step for which was to ditch CRA and move towards a more robust solution all of which have been documented very eloquently in this doc (oh which reminds me! React FINALLY has a new documentation that moves away from the class-based paradigm and outdated information as compared to the original documentation).

Although a final decision has not been made as to who shall be React's next date to the prom but they do have a bunch of options in consideration which are outlined in this new doc of theirs:


It's very difficult to see or imagine someone else take away the crown from Next.JS to be React's next partner to the big dance. It's increasing popularity amongst developers plugged in with its advanced features that solve a lot of React's shortcomings definitely make for a good bet for Next to be the next big thing.

With server-side rendering for better performance and user experience to static website generation for better SEO, it's no surprise that React has chosen Next as its first choice for building all sorts of React-based projects using the npx create-next-app CLI for setting up a new project.


Brought to you by Shopify, Remix although not too well known or used amongst the community, is gaining a lot of traction at a very rapid pace all thanks to its ton of unique features and capabilities.

With SSR capabilities built-in and providing you an option to pick your deployment target, Remix could very well be an integral part of React moving forward.


This one is brought to you by the much-loved and free CI/CD tool in the name and shape of Netlify. If you are looking to develop a CMS or want to have built-in and highly extensible GraphQL support, you need not look any further.

With a plethora of simple and easy to hook plugins, Gatsby is making a strong stand for itself in terms of sustenance and shaping how we could perceive or work with React in the near future.

To say that CRA is all but gonna be obsolete or become deprecated would be nothing short than overreacting. For all of its flaws and issues, the simplicity that CRA has offered to the community for so long can hardly ever be replaced. Sure there are a bunch of more performant and optimised solutions, CRA still leaves behind a legacy that would be hard to match!

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Rense Bakker

The simplicity was already replaced by vite:

npm create vite@latest my-react-app -- --template react-ts
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Unlike CRA, this starter is free of critical vulnerabilities, takes 10x less time for the initial install and compiles your code 10x faster!

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There have been a lot of options out there for quite some time but CRA was still the official recommended way to start with React.
Oh and by the way, I am just in love with Vite😍 mainly because of the speed that you mentioned.