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Need help with code review 😕

i am developing react native apps for 3 years now and i work as a freelancer so i don't have any leadership above to help me with the code i write. basically i complete the task but i don't know if the code i wrote is correct in terms of programming rules (memory optimisation, complexity). is there any way where i can take reference or put my piece of code so that any experience person can tell me how the can be improved more and most importantly what problems my existing code can produce which i am unaware of. all suggestions are wellcome, just looking to get better at what i do🙂.

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This might not be an entire / complete list.
But a good start I would say is implementing Unit tests, then Integration tests.
An important part I find with these, is not just testing a happy path.
For instance if you have just a phone number input on a form.
Yes it should be tested to work on a happy path first, but then the opposite.
Does it take letters, can it be pasted into and submitted, can / should it be skipped, clicked submit multiple times instead of just once, is it the correct type (opens correct keyboard on touch devices), have the correct accessibility tags and so on.

Most issues I see and find in my code and others are not on the happy path.

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Adam Crockett

But you haven't linked to anything so this post might get glossed over I'm afraid 😞