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G6, a Graph Vis Framework

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Worried about complex relational data? Hard to understand the nested relationships?
G6, a library for graph visualization, takes you to travel around graph data with a visual feast.

G6 is an open source JavaScript library under MIT license produced by AntV, Ant Financial, Alibaba Group. Until now, G6 has supported thousands of business systems inside and outside Alibaba. We hope that G6 could help users to get the insight into the relational data world.

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The Name

  • 'G' of G6 comes from Graphic and Graph, indicating that we aim at graph visualization based on graphics.
  • '6' of G6 comes from 'Six Degrees of Separation', expressing our passion for relational data.


The Features

Abundant, Elegant, Reusable Graph Visualization Solutions

We design abundant helpful features as well as the visual effect of visualization solutions in G6.

Customizable and Extendable

G6 allows users to customize their own Graph freely. Plugin mechanism makes G6 extendable.


Libraries based on G6

  • Viser-graph A visualization framework based on G6.
  • GG-editor Great Graphic Editor, a React package of G6.

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The Future

We are preparing more common solutions, more techniques for graph analyzer. We will always keep the passion for graph visualization, follow the state-of-the-art, and continue to innovate. It has been a long way and there is still a long way to go, we are learning, improving, growing up, and waiting for you.

If you encounter any problems with G6, feel free to create Issues on Github.


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