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Maria Antonella 🦋
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Differences between Object.freeze( ) and Object.seal( ) in Javascript

They are functions that may appear to do the same action but have significant differences. And it was difficult for me to learn it. I don't know why but they always confused me.

👉 Object.freeze(): It prevents you from adding new properties, removing existing properties and modifying them.

👉 Object.seal(): You can modify existing properties but you can't delete or add new ones.

CRUD Operations

If we differentiate them through the CRUD operations: Create - Read - Update - Delete, we obtain the following comparison.

                  Create     Read    Update     Delete
Object.freeze()    ❌        ☑️      ❌         ❌
Object.seal()      ❌        ☑️      ☑️         ❌

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The wonderful world of Javascript. That's all for today :)

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Clay Stewart

Sounds like a job for deep-freeze

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clement dunstan siaffu


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Itay Schechner

Whoa! That's fascinating!