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Antonio Falcão Jr.
Antonio Falcão Jr.

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GitHub dark mode, isn't it amazing?

Now, you can choose between Defaul to system, Light and Dark themes:


Alt Text

Did you discover the dark mode too?

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Ervin Szilagyi

Actually I think it's broken if you click the Explore more link:

GitHub GIF

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David Snyder

I prefer the dark mode provided by my extension but I love that I don't need an extension any more ❤

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Ian Pride

Yeah, I wrote my own dark theme I've been using via Stylus for some years now. It's a fairly clean inversion with a few alterations here and there and it's not perfect, but it's worked great.

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Jeffrey Desir

Pft! Lovely! Waiting for a complete theme kit like but still lovely ♥

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Antonio Falcão Jr. • Edited

New feature preview