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My first Powershell Azure Function

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I'm mostly a C# developer. Lastly, i had to programmatically modify an Azure Web application to add or remove firewall rules in a Web application and a SQL one.
To me, it was obvious to use:

It was easy for the SQL part.
but i was stuck for the Web application part, as the firewall rules was part of the inner configuration of the web application.

It was a surprise to me as the Powershell Core command was pretty simple to use.
So i was gladly surprised to see powershell function available, and the experience is simple.


I just need Az modules to complete my task. In order to check which modules are available, i just have to insert those lines in the function:

Get-Module -ListAvailable | Select-Object Name, Version | Sort-Object -Property Name

Az modules are here, so nothing to install.


For the authentication / authorization part, i rely on a Managed Service Identity, and on role based authorization control (RBAC) on the Web application.

In order to connect and i have the right identity i just have to:

Connect-AzAccount -Identity
$az = Get-AzContext
write-host $az

Command to execute

I just have to execute the command to add the access :


Hope this helps !

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