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How to deploy Ingress with Tilt

antoinega profile image Antoine ใƒป1 min read

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Tilt is an amazing tool to deploy easily services to your local kubernetes file.

But how to deploy ingress with tilt ?

Luckily, browsing tilt issues, i have found this github containing an example.

load('ext://namespace', 'namespace_create', 'namespace_inject')


k8s_yaml(namespace_inject('ambassador-operator-kind.yaml', 'ambassador'))

k8s_resource('ambassador-operator', objects=[

k8s_resource(new_name='ingress', objects=['example-ingress'], resource_deps=['ambassador-operator'])
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It creates the namespace through a tilt plugin, and load the yaml resources that will be used using k8s_yaml.

It then creates the ambassador operator using k8s_resource. Please note that the : is used to split name from kind.

Finally, it create the ingress.

Hope this helps !


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