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Connect to an Azure key vault from a program on any laptop using user identity

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Connecting from a Managed Service Identity (MSI) to an Azure Key Vault is pretty well documented. But how can we achieve this from a program on a laptop using user account ?

Azure Active Directory Application

First we will require an application registered to the Azure Active Directory of your subscription, with the right user_impersonation.

Write down, the application identifier, and the redirect uri if any, and the directory identifier of your subscription.


In your program, you will have to:

  • add the package Microsoft.Identity.Client to your application
  • Get the Token from Azure using the following code
            IPublicClientApplication app = PublicClientApplicationBuilder.Create(applicationId)
            string[] scopes = new string[] { "" };
            Microsoft.Identity.Client.AuthenticationResult result = null;
            var accounts = await app.GetAccountsAsync();

                result = await app.AcquireTokenSilent(scopes,
            catch (MsalUiRequiredException msalUiEx)
                // A MsalUiRequiredException happened on AcquireTokenSilent.
                // This indicates you need to call AcquireTokenInteractive to acquire a token
                //System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine($"MsalUiRequiredException: {msalUiEx.Message}");

                    result = await app.AcquireTokenInteractive(scopes)
                    //  Msal.Utils.extractIdToken
                catch (MsalException msalex)

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  • then, we can instantiate a keyvault client using the token
            HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
            keyVaultClient = new KeyVaultClient(async (authority, resource, scope) => 
                                                    return result.AccessToken;
                                                }, client);
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Note that

  • AcquireTokenInteractive will request from the user to fill its account / password using the configured parameters (using only work and school account or not) in a popup
  • the token is available in result.AccessToken, which will expire at result.ExpiresOn
  • the user account has to have an access policy to the key vault
  • Scopes cannot be combined if it relates to different resources ( "", "User.Read" can't work for example, 2 calls has to be made)
  • Github issue providing a lot of informations

Hope this helps !

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