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Antonin J. (they/them)
Antonin J. (they/them)

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What are your favorite course platforms for furthering your learning?

I've seen a few platforms that people have recommended to me but I've had varying success with them and have heard positives/negatives about each. I was wondering what everyone else hits up!

I personally prefer courses by individuals as they seem to be higher quality (eg. Epic React). I do have an egghead subscription but I basically never use it anymore.

How about you all?

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Evgenii Gerasin • Edited

The best way for lerning is official documention

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RobinLans • Edited

Just because all of the information is there doesn’t mean it’s the best way to learn. It might be messy, all over the place and badly written

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Rebecca DuPont

Coming from a Web Dev/Multimedia point of view:

I use a combination of official documentation and websites. I still like Codecademy for refreshing and quick brush-ups as needed. freeCodeCamp is also pretty solid IMO and they recently updated their Responsive Web Design Cert.

I have access to LinkedIn Learning through where I work, though some of the web development courses haven't wowed me. You also have Coursera if you are looking for class structures to break things into chunks. I think edX is where the HarvardX courses can be accessed if memory serves.

There are just so many choices, it's hard to keep them all organized and there just seems like there are not enough hours in the day.

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Andrew Baisden

Udemy, freeCodeCamp, Scrimba.

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Sherry Day

I feel like this was easier to answer a few years ago

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Best IMO.
Official Documentation.
Looking at codes on GitHub repos.

Would be happy to make good use of your egghead subscription for you. 🙏

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How about or They offer code challenges so you can practice learning. Also, you can look at solutions others have posted.