Stripe checkout setup and integration

antho1404 profile image Anthony ・1 min read


I just published a live coding session that I recorded to integrate Stripe into a website.

I'm focusing on a specific tool of Stripe called Checkout.

I'm just starting with Live coding, so feel free to give me feedback on how to improve that :)


Editor guide

I just published the second version of this app focusing on the integration of tailwindcss and intl-tel-input for the capture of phone number dev.to/antho1404/tailwindcss-disco...


Very useful, this is something I wanted to dig into for a while now!


Glad it helps, I will soon do another video where I fetch the payment details and display a confirmation to the user.

I already created the page in another video youtube.com/watch?v=FDRPFipPy8c but not yet connected to the Stripe API.


Any resources like this for Braintree?


Not that I know, I never used Braintree but that looks interesting so I will make sure if I try it to make a video about it too :)