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If you follow the principle that a class should do only one thing then they often naturally become rather small and in a larger application there can be quite a few.

I personally find that approach appealing, yes there will oftentimes be small classes, but on the other hand once you get familiar with them its often easy to figure out what they're doing and how you should use them without looking inside them. And when you want to add some new feature/ability etc it's often easy also. I need another view, oh just add a class here, then use it in the code wherever you want.

I've also seen examples in production code where the powerful data structures of PHP have been used in functions thousands of lines long to build up to 8 dimensional arrays if not more. Try then to figure out what that code is doing without spending a few hours deciphering it.

Not saying that the code was good by any standard or programming paradigm, but it's what tends to happen if you do architectural decisions as an afterthought.

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