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AntDB-Oracle Compatibility Developer’s Manual P4–5

Call Stored Procedures

By specifying the name of the procedure, followed by its parameters, and ending with a semicolon. You can then use an SPL application to call another stored procedure.

name [ (parameters) ];

name is the procedure's identifier, and parameters refers to the list of actual parameters.

Note: If the procedure has no actual parameters to pass, then it should be run without parentheses.

The following is an example of calling a procedure from an anonymous block of code.


That's all folks!
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Note: Each application has its own way of calling stored procedures. For example, in Java applications, calls to stored procedures are made through the JDBC programming interface.

Delet Stored Procedures

We can use DROP PROCEDURE to remove a stored procedure from the database.


name is the name of the procedure to be deleted

In the following example, we use the DROP PROCEDURE command to delete a previously created procedure.

DROP PROCEDURE simple_procedure;
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See the DROP PROCEDURE command for more information.

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