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Food Recipes with what you have at hand 👨‍🍳

What I built: A food recipe finder with what you have in your fridge

Category Submission: Program for the People

App Link:

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Are you stuck and bored at your house trying to find new thing ways to kill your time?

Well, I invite you to try cooking for fun, and do not worry about buying stuff outside, this app will help you to find recipes with what you have at your fridge or "alacena" (cupboard in Spanish). No download or annoying ads, just open the link with your phone, and you will be ready to start. Give it a try, it is totally free.

But remember to share your "food experiments" with your family and friends.

Link to Source Code:

Permissive License: MIT


When I was in college, I was expending so much money eating out. Everybody kept telling me that I better start eating more at home so I can save some money, thing that I ignored entirely 🙃, when the pandemic hit us all, I was stuck at home trying different things to be active and not sleeping 😴 or watching movies all day, I could not go out anymore to buy groceries that often, so the idea came to me 💡 when I was trying to figure out a way to find food recipes with what I have at hand.

How I built it

The project is using Vue.js 3, I wanted to give it a try since I have only used the 2.x version, I am also using for the CSS front-end tailwindcss, and for the API calls I am using spoonacular API, which is amazing and provides a lot of recipes from different website.

Additional Resources/Info

We made the project to be a web app to test the Digital Ocean app platform, but we want to make into a mobile app in the near future. Since it is Vue.js we can probably use Cordova or Ionic to build it.

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