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Check these websites if you are a web-developer.....

Anshul Soni
I Love to Code, and make different styles of web pages.
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W3 Schools -

Bible for web development, The website has tutorials for these programming languages and they are written in an easy-to-understand language. The website also provides a testing environment where you can test some of the codes that you have written and see if they run.

Studytonight -

Studytonight is an online learning centre that teaches various technical subjects and programming languages.

StackOverflow -

StackOverflow is the biggest community of developers. The website brings together millions of programmers who come together to share different issues while at the same time teach each other. The website has all the answers to any programming issue that you have encountered.

YouTube -

We all know YouTube as a giant video platform that houses all types of video content. As a computer science student, you can use YouTube as your learning tool.

Tutorialspoint -

Tutorialspoint is an online tutorial website for aspiring computer programmers. The website provides comprehensive tutorials on various programming languages.

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Arvind Padmanabhan

Adding Devopedia to the list. It's useful for beginners even before they get into coding.

anshulsoni4 profile image
Anshul Soni Author

yea sure