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Anshul Goyal
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MLH Fellowship: A new way of learning

MLH fellowship is a program run by Major League Hacking. It helps students to contribute to open-source by providing a mentor. Fellows are in regular contact with Maintainers. A small education stipend is also provided.

My Major League Hacking Experience

I am an introvert so I didn't possess good communication skills. Major League Hacking helped me hack people and improve my communications. Daily stands up, mentor one on one and show n tells helped me put more context in my conversations. I learned a lot during the fellowship.

Project Details

I worked on Docusaurus. It is a static documentation site generator by Facebook. It is like gatsby but for documentation. It has built-in support versioning and themes.
My Contributions to Docusaurus

I mostly worked on Migration CLI, validation of various aspects of docusaurus.config.js, swizzle command, and remark plugins for loading image assets and other assets.


MLH Fellowship is the best thing that happened this year. It is a very good opportunity for students and I highly recommend it. I thank MLh and Github education for this wonderful effort.

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