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Serve Website/Api from your own system

Anshul Gupta
I love to explore new technologies and whatever I learn I share it. I believe we all grow but we can grow better together.
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Have you ever seen a condition when you need to change your design or API frequently to meet the demand?
I did, a few days back. Because of lockdown, My colleagues and I were working on a project from home. We are not in the same local network, so to connect backend and frontend I had to push to code to server then my colleagues start working.
Then I found a service called NGROK

Ngrok is a cross-platform service that enables you to expose your local development server to the internet.

How to use NGROK

  • Go to their website
  • Download setup for your OS and exact it.
  • Open terminal in the same folder and type

./ngrok http port_to_map

example ./ngrok http 3000
Ngrok will provide you an URL. Using which you can access your api/website publically.
Alt Text
If you want to know more you can check this link Host website from local system.
I believe using NGROK is more easy than reading this article.
If you have a better alternative or solution, please let me know. I would love to explore.

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Do let me know if you have a better alternative.