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It seems we move relative to the medium that propagates light

(This might sound abstract. Please bear with me. I promise it’s super easy to understand (don’t click on the links if you don’t feel ready :) - This is the intro to people that might think that talking about the nature of reality is “complicated” or “nor worth their time”; it is not complicated…, it is as easy as buying a loaf of bread).

Please bear with me.

A big deal

I would be making a disservice if today I didn’t write about our latest experiment where daily variations of the amplitude of the fringe shifts (were) observed when an air-glass Mach-Zehnder type interferometer is rotated.

In my opinion, this is a big deal and please let me explain why:

Plot of the daily variations measured

What does this mean

Put simply, I haven’t been able to find any current-physics explanation for:

  1. fringe shifts upon rotation in a fixed in-lab interferometer that slowly rotates,
  2. daily, periodic variation of the amplitude of such fringe shifts

What could it be

My current explanation is that we are measuring a Doppler frequency shift while we move relative to the medium that propagates light.

I haven’t yet made the mathematical fit to the data in Matlab (I’ve been fixing this blog so I could write), but it seems to me that a Doppler fit to the data is much more appropriate than any dragging effect.

I have a couple of explanations. So stay tuned.

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