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Discussion on: What’s the most under-appreciated software?

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Anders Bo Rasmussen

I always forget stuff like that whenever I have a bad reception 😅
Is there anywhere I can read more about this stuff? 😃

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Justin Mancinelli

Heh, and no one likes getting the bill. My job before Ericsson was working on rating and billing software that needs to handle different kinds of events, several hundred-thousands a second, that need to be processed in accordance with the subscriber's plan so each person will be billed correctly according to text/voice/data rates that may change depending on roaming, or if the destination is a family member, or a toll-free call, etc.

This video gives a very high level overview All the training I had was internal, on the job, so I don't know what else to send. You are probably very good at searching, but if you didn't know to search for OSS or BSS, you might not get far. When I worked at Ericsson, we got raw logs from cell towers (which aggregate multiple antennas) and batched data from OSSs which aggregate multiple towers. Both had different data that was important to keep track of.