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My two cents: I do not think it is because of being self-taught, at least not in Barcelona, I do believe is mostly because we have lots of companies with shitty management in this city.

Just search for a startup or startup-like company that are more preoccupied with the quality of your work and character and does not have time for stupid office politics and ego plays.


We have a general problem that companies search for a person that can do the job of at least 3 more roles apart of their role. Isn't that a more persistent problem in start-ups because the lack of general resources? Or is it better? What is your experience?


Usually yes, you would do a lot of different things on a startup but you will be recognized for it and valued while at the same time learning and improving as a professional a lot.

Not everyone have the mindset required to work on a startup but I definitely recommend trying it out.



Startups can be far worse than established companies because of lack of resources, external pressures, uncertainty, immaturity, etc etc etc

I would look for established companies that people you admire recommend for good reasons (not ping pong + food).

Barcelona may be a tough tech scene but there are good companies everywhere. Happy to share more notes about evaluating company culture if it would help.

True, they can be far worse but they can be rewarding too. Especially if they end up being a successful establishment. High risk High returns.

In my experience. I have had more opportunities to show what I know and learn new skills at start-ups. The lack of resources is what provides these opportunities if you're willing to continually self teach and anticipate a need.

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