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re: What's not to mention. Ecosystem tooling, support from the community, stability of the platform, all the greatest minds passionate about it, real b...

Docker also has a very rich ecosystem tooling, support from the community, stability and great minds being passionate about it and can do everything you say.

What I try to say is to not take things at face value because that is how you get operational costs through the roof.

Costing with Kubernetes is not an issue. For example with Azure you pay for what nodes you use and it can be as little as 30 euro per month. With DO it can be even cheaper. In addition Kubernetes has advanced scheduling algorithms making ideal for parallel jobs or resource optimization problems. You just need to declare the resource constaints for each deployment and Kubernetes will find the best fit. It will work even if a node dies.

Try to do that with Docker and you will find yourself reinventing the wheel and probably with a heftier bill.

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